Maskinering AS workshop on Burøya

Maskinering AS

Established in 1974

Burøyveien 18
N-8012 Bodø

Service areas

Machined cog


we machine all types of steel, metals and plastics

Mobile machining on assignment

On site machining

We offer a wide arrange of on site machining jobs

Welder on assignment


We carry out welded constructions

Mechanical workers


We perform mechanical work on land and offshore


Maskinering AS is always looking for skilled professionals. If you feel that you have mastered our subject areas, you are most welcome to apply for work with us.


Maskinering AS workshop on Burøya

New workshop

Ysland Eiendom AS has built a new workshop for machining on Burøya, Bodø.

Offshore rig

Offshore works

Songa Offshore. Miscellaneous welding and mechanical works. Mechanical and welding service.Interesting trip from Singapore to Mauritius.